Comstock EPIC


Congratulations Kurt Refsnider!
NEW w2e Fastest Known Time - 55h:38M:39s


520 Miles


Neil Beltchenko
e2w Fastest Known Time - 57 hours


Across Nevada

2015 Comstock EPIC - rider Blake Bockius - photo by Trevor Oxborrow - 01 (2017_01_12 04_40

Blake Bockius
1st Place 2015 - Extreme Muddy Conditions


Utah to California

Mt Biking Across Nevada (2017_01_12 04_40_38 UTC).jpg

est. 2011


Mark McCann and Jared Fisher

limited resupply


36,257' Climbing e2w

181 -Day 8 - July 21 - FS Road 017 up & over Ophir Pass Summit.JPG

34,985' Climbing w2e

"Nevada's Toughest MTB Race"
Comstock EPIC
est. 2011
Utah to California - 520 Miles - 36,000'+ Climbing

FKT e2w - 57 hours - Neil Beltchenko
Jared Fisher's Comstock EPIC Video

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Race Description:  The Comstock Epic is an Individual Time Trial Self-Support Mountain Bike Race starting at the Utah/Nevada borderline and finishes at the Nevada/California borderline.  The Comstock Epic is an underground race.  This race is not organized, sanctioned, supported or permitted by anyone.  There are no entry fees, awards or prize money.  The Comstock Epic route follows mostly dirt roads and has significant hike-a-bike (see video, fast-forward to video time 19:40).  The Comstock Epic does not have any route signs or markers.   Navigation and self-preservation are completely up to you.  Heed the TNT Principles & Advisories.

​Race Support Rules:  The Comstock Epic is a Self-Support Mountain Bike Race.  Use only resupply services available to all racers.  No cache drops.  No prearranged outside support or assistance.  No electric or gas motor assistance.  If you leave the route, you must return to the same location to continue the race.  No prearranged commercial resupply, with one exception--Ike's Canyon Guest Ranch (Access to Ike's Canyon Guest Ranch requires advanced paid reservations).  The Comstock Epic is not only an endurance race, but a strategic resupply puzzle.  Do you carry extra water & food to avoid detours to resupply towns?  Or do you travel light and take the energy & time penalty to ride off route to resupply towns?

Comstock EPIC Route Details