TNT Route Pros

  • The TNT is easier to ride self supported than the Comstock EPIC route.

  • The TNT route connects the resupply towns of Austin and Eureka.

  • Possible to stay at motel/guest ranch every night with one 106 mile segment.

  • The TNT avoids the huge (E2W) Comstock EPIC hike-a-bike over the Ophir Pass (NF-017 Road).

  • The (E2W) TNT includes the Project Shoal Atomic Detonation Site.

  • The TNT has a little less climbing than the Comstock EPIC route.

TNT Route Cons

  • More pavement riding (i.e. SR-722), than the Comstock EPIC route.

  • The TNT does not include the Flume Trail.

  • The TNT bypasses Virginia City.



West to East

The following distances & climbing totals are the minimum.  With cycle computer variation, resupply detours and unforeseen route changes the following distances & climbing totals will likely increase.

529 miles

33,889 climbing

35,048 descending

MAP & GPX TNT - complete west-to-east - January 2021 Revised Route


East to West

MAP & GPX TNT - east-to-west - January 2021 Revised Route  (yes, there is a slight difference between W2E & E2W)

IMG_0281 (2017_01_12 04_40_38 UTC).JPG